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We are a Messaging Platform for the modern connected World offering clients a wide array of services like Bulk SMS, USSD Solutions, Two Way SMS, Premium Content, and much more! Through our platform and at the touch of a button, you are able to send customized messages to thousands of contacts. We have also developed the best APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable you to integrate automated SMS alerts into your systems.  Here’s why you should work with us

Powerful, easy to use software

Our text message marketing software is cutting edge. It’s rich with features, easy to use, and works wonderfully on all your devices.

Affordable Fees and Rates

We have no hidden fees and the rates are straightforward. You have the freedom to choose the service you need when you need it. No strings attached!

Experience amazing customer service.

Let us show you what outstanding customer service is really like. It’s what we’re built on. Our team is always there to help you when you need help

Our platform is build to support much more than sending messages

Check out some cool services that we can offer you

  • Bulk SMS

    Fast Messages Delivered

    Integrate our Bulk SMS service into your service to send branded messages to multiple numbers instantly, from promotional messages to your business offers and much more. Our user-friendly portal can be used independently or you can use our APIs to integrate to your CRM or system to trigger SMSs straight from your system.

  • Two Way SMS

    Pull customers your way using Keywords

    Open a two way line of communication with your users and share information or collect feedback from users using SMS. Our portal gives you access to the communication coming from your users so that you are able to keep your customer data as well as gather feedback and more from your customers eg. To Buy Land, SMS the word “SHAMBA” to 29090

  • Premium Rate SMS

    Sell Premium Content using SMS

    Generate revenues by delivering premium rated messages to your users either on-demand or through subscriptions eg Bible Verses, News, Music, Jokes, and much more using our robust platform.

  • Sender IDs

    Brand your business, attract more business

    Brand your messages with your custom brand name as you communicate to your customers. Let your customers know that you’re the one communicating to them instead of using a generic number. We can make that happen. Eg. Message comes from YOURBUSINESSNAME instead of 12345

  • USSDs

    use the power of mobile interactions

    We can help you acquire USSDs and Build real-time interactive experiences for your users that is accessible on both feature and smartphones. Easily integrate our simple and reliable USSD API and start delivering scalable solutions to your users! Ideal for Banks, Saccos, or even Mobile Apps.

  • SMS Integrations

    Simple Integrations, Great Results

    Integrate our SMS platform to your platform, whether its an App, website or CRM that you want to make use of Bulk SMS, from Sending OTPs for Banks to sending confirmation messages to customers for restaurant. We have made it easy for any developer to build and integrate with our SMS Platform within minutes

Why Sasa SMS

Learn why hundreds of clients trust Sasa SMS as the preferred SMS Platform


Our Platform is Outstanding.

The relentless attention to detail shines through in every area of our platform. We’ve spent countless hours building and perfecting a powerful SMS marketing service that’s easy to use and works wonderfully on all your devices.

We’ve taken care of the small details that most companies don’t think about to ensure your experience is seamless. Our large library of features and SMS Automations is constantly growing and we even offer a free mobile app so you can manage it all on the go

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

Whether you’re new to SMS marketing or a seasoned pro, our on-hand experts will help you develop a text messaging strategy that is tailored to your organization.

Our 1 on 1 account setup and training differentiates us from all other SMS marketing services. We work with you to understand the unique opportunities you face and provide a strategy for success. Education is key and we leverage our experience from thousands of other text programs to ensure you’re set up for success.

Our Messaging is Best in Class

Messaging quality is a big deal and there’s a lot of garbage out there. Your text marketing program means nothing if your audience is not receiving your messages. There are cheap ways to send your texts and there are quality ways. These are known as “routes”. Our Bulk SMS Platform uses only the highest quality Kenyan messaging routes to ensure your users are receiving the text messages you send. We don’t deal with the cheap stuff.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to connect the world through text messaging. It’s very simple. There’s no argument that SMS is one of the top forms of communication today. With over 98% of all SMSs and Messages sent being read within minutes and its ability to reach people at a great scale, With 5 billion people send and receive texts globally and with 90% of text-enabled devices are always within an arm’s reach, we believe that there’s no better choice when needing to connect people. We exist to empower you to success in Text Marketing and Communications


what our clients say

“I love the ease of operation that Sasa SMS affords me. The back-end support & dashboard that SasaSMS has in place is top-notch. Anyone could use this service & succeed.”

“SasaSMS has given us a great advantage over the competition. It’s been easy to use and we saw a great response even after just a few weeks of using it. The response we have gotten has MUCH MORE than paid for itself! We are very happy we found SasaSMS!”

“SasaSMS helps us to promote our mission of “enriching the world through the healing powers of love and laughter.” It’s just so easy to use!”

In Action

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